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Bathroom Ceiling Extractor Fans Very Powerful Motor LED Lighting Remote Control

Luxair Bathroom Fans is the new innovative designs from Luxair UK who have been at the forefront of cooker hoods design and extraction for the past 10 years.

The idea for Luxair Bathroom Fans was born from one simple comment “why don’t bathroom fans ever seem to work??” They are noisy, full of dust or totally inadequate for the size of your bathroom.

Having just spent a fortune on your new bathroom, then why did the bathroom installers put a small 4” fan that cost around £129.00 in your beautiful new bathroom? Why? Because there wasn’t and isn’t any other alternative “until now”
This in turn got the Director thinking, if it could be done for cooker hoods why couldn’t the same extraction rates be transferred to bathroom fans. After extensive research on what was currently available on the market, the conclusion was that there was not anything in the current market place of good quality design that had good extraction rates.

  • New Showair™ Kitchen or Bathroom Ceiling Fan
  • Exclusive Patented Designer Ceiling Fans in Three Sizes 300mm x 350mm,300 x 650mm And 300 x 950mm.
  • Bright LED Lighting Strip Lighting
  • Remote Control Operated Or Switch Operated
  • 9 x Speed Settings With a Massive 480 m³/hr 5 x more powerful than any current bathroom fan.
  • Easy Clean grease,  Fluff And Dust Filters Can Be Placed In Your Dishwasher!
  • Available In White, Stainless Steel Or Black
  • Can be wired to independant switch unit.
  • Can Only Be Ducted Outside Max Ducting Run 3.5 Mtrs
  • Fits Between Your Ceiling Joists (150mm minimum width) Without Any Problems, Joist height minimum 200mm
  • New Very Slim Designer Motors Allowing For Very Small Ceiling Joist Heights (minimum 200mm high)
  • Can also be installed in small kitchens, bedsits, annexes or downstairs loos or showers
  • EEI Rating B
  • Light Efficiency Rating A
  • 2 Year Warranty (subject To Registration)
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