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Cooker Hoods What do they Do?

Cooker Hoods - What They Do

Cooker Hoods – Wall Mounted

Most general houses will normally need and require a cooker hood, depending on your kitchen designer, planning the range and style of cooker hoods is limitless. Luxair have the largest most up to date range of wall mounted cooker hoods and in colour options to suit. Our wall mounted cooker hoods come in a large range of size options from, 60cm cooker hoods to 120cm cooker hoods. These various size options allow for different variations of your cooker choice, if you are have a range cooker hood, then we have the 90cm range cooker hoods right up to the 120cm range cooker hoods, if you are wanting a built in cooker then we have a wide range of wall mounted cooker hoods in 60cm through to 90cm.

Planning the position of your cooker hood is absolutely crucial as to the effectiveness and performance of the cooker hoods lifespan.

First decide with your kitchen planner the position of your cooker, always if possible plan your built in cooker or range cooker on a outside wall, this will be the shortest route for ducting and most effective as to the performance of your cooker hood, “basically the shorter the run of ducting the better the performance of your cooker hood”.


Island Cooker Hoods

The new modern kitchen is now a fully functional living area with larger and more open plan kitchens becoming ever more popular. Kitchens with a large cooker will need a larger hood that will draw the cooking vapors up and away, the most effective way to do this is planning in an Island cooker hood into your kitchen at the planning stage, you will need to consider running the ducting kit though the ceiling joists and to the shortest most direct route to the outside wall, this method will increase the effectiveness of your Island cooker hood.


Our choice as to the design and colour of our Island cooker hoods is one of the largest, we now supply 70cm Island cooker hoods up to 180cm Island cooker hoods, all with a full seven years free parts and labour warranty. (subject to registration)


Ceiling Cooker Hoods

Footballer wives' stuff they may be, but now very popular in any modern kitchen.

Ceiling cooker hoods are now very desirable and all our new range of ceiling extractors are some of the best rated in performance in the UK. 

The general rules when planning for a ceiling mounted cooker hood are: Whenever possible give your kitchen designer plenty of scope as and where your island units are to be place, the ceiling cooker hood must be directly above your cooker or hob and the maximum ducting run on any ceiling cooker hood is 6 meters to the outside wall. Some of our ceiling extractors have a detachable motor and it can be installed in a loft space away from the unit, this will allow for two things, low ceiling joists and a very quiet cooker hood, all of our ceiling cooker hoods are remote control operated and carry a full seven years warranty free of charge.

We now offer a variety of ceiling hoods with external motors. These motors have 1200m³/hr extraction rates and are all weather proof. Simply duct from your hood to the motor on either an outside wall or roof.

Luxair also offer ceiling hoods that can be recirculated if ducting is not possible. These use charcoal filters to purify the air. Hoods that use charcoal filters must have ducting vents available within close proximity of the so that the air can be returned to the room. If the hood is boxed in, the vents must be in the box otherwise the air will not be able to recirculate back in to the room.


DownDraft Cooker Hoods

For a cooker hood doubling as a feature piece, our range of downdrafts extractors is for you. Sleek and sophisticated, add style to your kitchen with one of the downdraft cooker hoods we do. With our high powered motor design; our down draft cooker hood ranges extracts up to 1200m³/hr, and at a quiet 61db you've got the perfect balance between efficiency and style. Luxair cooker hoods don’t need to be heard at great volumes for you to know they’re doing a first rate job!

Our brand new LA-90-DWN and LA-90-Turbo rise 500mm high, this allows for bigger pans and steaming pans, downdrafts that only rise 380mm are quite simply not as efficient in performance. All our downdraft and ceiling cooker hoods have a minimum extraction rate of 950m³/hr motor and come with all the kit you will need. We do not make the extractor look cheaper by adding the motor separately, quality extraction at its best is how our customers describe our products.


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